PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker (Android)

Version : 2.0.9 build 534
Publisher : Maxim Petrov
Uploaded : Sep. 05, 2013
File Size : Not available
Price : 4.99
Release date : September 05, 2013
Publisher website : http://power-amp.info/
Requirements : Android 2.1 and above
File name : External File
Availibility : Purchase
Free Version Limitations : Not available
Supported Operating systems : Android
5 out of 5

Editorial Review

Not Available

Product Description

PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker (Android) unlocks PowerAMP, the new powerful music player for Android. It removes the trial period limitation. Please make sure you have PowerAMP Music Player for Android installed before installing this Unlocker. Restart PowerAMP after Unlocker installation by exiting it with Back button.

What's new in this version:

  • 534: updated translations, added Romanian
  • Headset/Bluetooth buttons configuration. "Single" mode is useful for devices with << >> controls ( Poweramp reacts faster)
  • CyanogenMod Metachanged Intent option for Bluetooth info. Also useful for some other ROMs (e.g. Sony devices)
  • improved compatibility with exFat/NTFS
  • workaround for 3rd party skin issue on Sony 4.2.2 ROMs
  • Intel (x86) builds now have build number prefix 860