English to Tamil Dictionary

Version : 2.7
Publisher : ExpertIT Consultancy
Uploaded : Feb. 22, 2013
File Size : Not available
Price : 2.99
Release date : February 22, 2013
Publisher website : http://www.expertitconsultancy.co.uk
Requirements : None
File name : External File
Availibility : Purchase
Free Version Limitations : Not available
Supported Operating systems : iOS

Editorial Review

English to Tamil Dictionary is a complete resource app for native Tamil speakers who want to communicate in English or improve their English skills. The app includes tens of thousands of words listed alphabetically that you can scroll through or search directly.


Personal notes: The detail page for each dictionary entry features a box for personal notes. Here you can record anything that helps you put the word or definition in context, or anything else you'd like to remember about the entry in question.

Two-way definitions: The main function of the English to Tamil dictionary is to define English words in Tamil. But you can also access a Tamil to English feature as well that lets you search in Tamil and see the definition in English and hear the English word spoken.


Word Jumble: The Word Jumble game is intended as a fun way to help practice recognizing and spelling English words. But it's not terribly effective in practice. Many of the words chosen are obscure and also use the same letters as other, much more common English words. It's also not clear how to play when you first open the page, and it can take a bit of poking around to figure it out.

Bottom Line

Any native Tamil speaker trying to learn English could benefit from this resource. It works without an Internet connection, and it contains a lot of useful words and definitions as well as a smooth search feature. This app costs $2.99.

Product Description

The best English to Tamil dictionary in the market. It has a free Word jumble game. It has more than 32549 english words with Tamil meanings, synonyms and antonyms. It has voice enabled pronunciation for english words and doesn't need internet connection. Predictive search will make your life easier.


  • More than 32549 words in english
  • Multiple meanings in Tamil
  • English word with synonyms and antonyms
  • Voice enabled english pronunciation
  • Multiple voices with male and female voices
  • Using word jumble game you can improve your English
  • You can set font size in the settings
  • You can add words in favourite section

    What's new in this version:

  • Added Favorite Words Section
  • Now you can add words in favorite section clicking star icon on the top