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Three unique classes Knight Archer and Mage.
Mages as Masters of Magic Mages can summon powerful spells to both attack enemies and heal allies.
Knights in their iron-clad armor are capable of wielding two-handed weapons to stun forces and slice enemies in twain Knights can also raise a mighty shield to protect their friends.
Archers with their speed and stealth are known for their use of ranged attacks and sniper abilities. Coupled with specialized attack methods the Archer is a force to be reckoned with Astral System In addition to your skills and stats Wartune features an innovative Astral System where you can collect and synthesize stars in thousands of different combinations to give your character the unique edge it deserves.
Quick Time Event (QTE) Combat System A classic problem with turn-by-turn combat in the past has been the lack of involvement by the player in the action. You just click and the combat runs its self. With Wartune s QTE system you choose your action but then must put in a random series of keys in a short timeframe to give your attack an added boost You are directly involved in the game combat for the whole battle Daily Adventures Wartune has over 20 daily quests and 20 Bounty quests you can do every day to gain gold experience and other valuable loot With so much to do you will never be bored.
PvP Battles Wartune features 2 types of PvP battles one-on-one battles and group arenas. You can either choose to battle opponents one-to-one or you and your friends or guild mates can battle other small groups in an open arena. May the best player win
Thousand Person BOSS Battles you never need to go it alone Every day various bosses spawn and anyone can join the fight to take them down But only the players who do the most damage will receive rewards.


STEP 1 - Download Wartune Hack Tool 2013 by clicking the Download Button Above or Below.
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STEP 3 - If you see an error then make sure you have .Net Framework 4 installed on you system.
STEP 4 - Hack the game and enjoy

Now, FROM THE EXPERTS! few tips..

There are two ways to play wartune in my opinion.

The first way is to rush for the top: To be the first to achieve every accolade: Biggest, strongest, highest defence, highest rank etc. While there is nothing wrong with this playstyle, to maintain that #1 position eventually is gonna start costing you balens. Lots of balens. More balens than I can afford to throw at this game. The other problem is that with a new server - playing this style is fine within the realms of your server. It instantly becomes a problem as soon as the cross server things come into play and you discover that there are others your level, with much stronger builds as they've gone slower.

The other way is to take your time and play at a slower pace. You get time to prepare in advance your gear, plan your build. Learn from others about strengths and weakness's of new maps, gear, boss's etc - without having to be the guinea pig working it all out. Level has its advantages - in that as you advance you open up new gear, troops etc. But overall - I think slower leveling is more rewarding.

This list of ideas is here to show you, how you can level more slowly and build more strongly than your same level peers.

I think it's pretty obvious to say that to level up slower, you need to avoid unnecessary experience. Becoming a VIP is a great way to help achieve this. Yes VIP adds to your experience gain in places - but more importantly, from level 3 onward it adds a bonus to your daily devotion total. This initially allows you to skip on completing the bounty quests and the daily quests portion of your devotion. 

VIP continually rises as long as you keep up the payments and so does the daily devotion contribution as you ascend the VIP ranks. This makes it possible to skip on all the experience heavy portions of your day. Daily quests, 10 solo arena challenges & bounty quests. VIP has other benefits too - namely the weekly gift pack! This is a god send! Many players over look the value of the gift pack and prefer to sell VIP based on the extra experience. However I prefer the soul crystals, the VIP tokens and the skeleton keys! Soul crystals add to your gems effectiveness through the soul engraving (a small bonus but it soon adds up), the skeleton keys open chests and also allow you to farm the summoners (for legendary stones / crystaloids) later in the game and finally the VIP tokens give access to the VIP wheel. Many people dismiss the VIP wheel as being useless and rigged. While I agree it's rigged - it's also a fantastic opportunity to the slow leveler. I keep refreshing the wheel till I find a wheel with 1 or less shadow crystals and 580k gold - the gold is guaranteed - so that's a nice boost toward your guild skills or astrals. Also - there's a good chance you can get a low level gem (usually level 2) out of the wheel on a regular basis.

Battlegrounds - A gem fest! Most players scramble for honour. While it's true a higher honour title allows for a better medallion, which in turn increases BR. I personally prefer to look at the other asset of BG - carting! You get two runs in which to cart - if you keep your head down and remain inconspicuous, you can average enough crystals for 3 chests from the BG's. Coupled with your daily 95 gem - you can be relatively certain of at least a level 3 gem every day! If you're good that's approaching a level 5 gem every 2 weeks.

One of my guildies was opposite me in a BG, they said to me that one of their team mates had mentioned in party chat that 'the 38k br guy is just doing carts', I started playing in November 2012. that's 5 months ago. I currently have 2 level 6 gems and 22 level 5 gems equipped. I have 3 level 5 gems in my inventory. Given that I can pull a level 5 gem out every fortnight - That's roughly 12 of my level 5 gems straight out of the BG. This doesn't take into account the 3 level 3 gems given every month for logging in 2, 5, 10, 17 and 26 times. Nor the gems obtained from the quests right at the beginning of the game and the 7 initial daily log ins. BG's = carts! After a while you'll find that people start bouncing off you. When this happens, the honour soon piles up. Keep carting. Avoid unnecessary experience! I said it once - now this time I mean it: The guild tree! Huge amounts of experience, for very little return. Sure energise the guild tree as soon as it spawns - but then leave the guild chamber. Don't do the daily quests, don't do the spire, don't do the bounty quests - or if you have to (for a non VIP) pick the ones that do the most reward for you (I sometimes collect the enter BG daily quest, for the daru and the 5 crystals), or the ones that return the least experience.

The catacombs are a fantastic source of gems and the only source of crypt keys. Much as I hate the catacombs huge experience rewards - I do love the prizes. I tend to limit my catacomb runs heavily. though if I stay at a level longer than I plan to - I tend to party in th catacombs, earning extra gems and crypt tokens. Depending on how much time you have to log in and sit behind a computer all day: depends how effective your farm can be. hourly seeds are more productive than the 4 hour seeds - so if you can do hourly seeds all day - do. Also I tend to steal only the 4 hour seeds as you get more return for your click. Balens. Many people have their own opinion of Baleners. Now while it's possible to be ultra strong with no balen expenditure or purchase - it's a long timely process and ultimately - I don't have that kind of patience. I use balens to supplement my build. So I have bought socketing rods and gems in the past, in an effort to help maximise my character further. For the non casher this may seem a bit of a useless point - however there is some respite in the 'get free balens' button - now while this is not perfect for everyone as it is quite region/country specific - I can supplement my account with as many as 30 or 40 balens a day. Although it probably averages around 18 to 20 or so a day. The one off offers are also very good - especially if they have things you're after, or it's just a questionnaire where you can lie through your teeth about everything. However I would offer some advice when doing these offers: 

firstly use a dummy email, and never give out accurate personal information, avoid anything that wants to install anything or download to your computer. 

Planning/goals. Set yourself some mini goals to achieve. Be positive about reaching them. Set something achievable. Rather than set your sights on #1 on the lists - set yourself a BR goal to hit before the next level. I'm trying to achieve a 38500 BR before I hit level 49. I'm at a BR of 38374 and 80% of the way through the level. With any luck - my next guild skill will be achieved in a week or so and let me reach my target. After that, my next goal will be to reach a BR of 40k before I turn 50. Or aim to get an astral leveled up. Plan ahead - so purchase your armour sets in advance. Purchase your rings and jewels in advance too! This gives you time to have them enchanted to the max level, socketted & refined, before you get to the level required to wear them. Then it's simply a case of swapping your gems over and you're away! I'm level 48 currently. I have the level 50 rings and jewels waiting, max enchanted, socketted and refined ready for me. I also have enough epic shards and legendary stones to make one of my jewels legendary equipment as soon as I turn 50. With the second one being legendary a few days after I turn 50 - crypt tokens are a PITA to farm and level slow!

In need of some gold? Got a load of insignia sitting around? Purchase a load of lvl 3 XP books from the arena shop. A bargain at 10 insignia each it's quite cheap to get 100 of them (1k insignia). Then sell them. That's a quick easy 200k gold in your back pocket. I just did this and make my 3rd level 6 gem.

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